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No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We’ve worked on all kinds of projects; from big teams on large scale projects, all the way to 400 sq ft cottages. We love transforming our customers homes and bringing that beautiful hardwood to life! Not only that, but when we work with homeowners, the ability to add value to someones house is a big plus for us.

We understand that the landscape is littered with poorly run, often disreputable companies. Because of this, most consumers still brimace at the thought of having to hire a flooring contractor for fear that they will get ripped off, treated unprofessionally, or just be forced to settle for low quality workmanship.

Well fear not, we’ve been working on floors for 15+ years and work really hard on establishing trust with our customers. We want you to feel comfortable with our business, our team, and our process. We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent with you at all times. 

A huge part of our business model is being able to get repeat business. We’re not in this for a quick pay day. We’re in it to build relationships and hopefully be your one stop shop for contractor services. Our goal is to be the family contractor and continue to deliver exceptional service and an affordable price.


Years Established

Completed Projects

Latest Projects

Duplex in Lacey, WA

Needless to say this is a really old floor with a lot of imperfections, people that lived there during the years didn’t take good care of the floor. This project is for an investment firm out of Olympia that flips houses. We got in there and sanded the crap out of that floor. It was hard work. A lot of old gunk on it, but after we put the sealer on, the hardwood came to life, it was one of the coolest floors we done, they were impressed!

Swedish Hospital in Seattle, WA

This was in a beautiful historic building. In order to get the job completed on time and on budget, we collaborated and worked with project managers, shop owners, architects and general contractors to bring the imported Africa hardwood to life. It was quite a challenge because we had strict hours we could be on site working. We partnered with Cruz Hardwood Installation, and when we had scheduling conflicts, we worked as a team to get the job done. 

We’ve Been Refinishing, Repairing, And Installing Floors For Over 10 Years

My name is Serg Damyan and I started doing floors at 15 years old for just $50 a day. I would work a minimum of 8 hours a day, often more than 16 hours a day. It was hard work. However, I am extremely thankful that I was pushed so hard for such little pay, because it taught me the value of hard work and kept me disciplined. With the experience that I have gained in the hardwood flooring industry, you can rest assured that we will take care of your floors at a reasonable price and in a timely matter. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you have. I’m sick of contractors scheming, underbidding to get jobs, and lying to consumers so they can get a quick buck. Which is why I am always here to chat and take the time to give you the knowledge and information you need so you can make educated decisions 

Let’s Build Something Together

We’re so excited to hear about your flooring project and help you add value to your home. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. We make communication fast and easy!

How long is the refinish process?

For a 1,000 Sq Ft project, it takes about 4 – 5 days

How much will it cost to have my floor done?

You can expect anywhere from $3,000 – $6,000 for 1,000 Sq Ft project. There are some other items that can lengthen the process/price of the project (e.g. type of wood, rip up, repair work, etc). 

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently, we accept Cash or Check.

Can I stay in my home while the hardwood is being refinished?

You sure can! Although, the room that is being refinished will have to be vacant for the duration of the project. Also, we are happy to talk and come up with ways to make the process as enjoyable and stress free as possible. 

What kind of mess should I expect?

Nothing is 100% dust free. However, we take all the precautions to eliminate any type of mess. We not only use dustless sanding equipment, but we also cover the entire room, appliances, furniture, etc with plastic to ensure the area is clean and dust free.

Client Testimonials

“They pieced together my floor while we took our time remodeling and then resurfaced it. Made it look brand new! Everyone that sees it is literally floored! Would recommend in a heartbeat!”

Ralph S.

“They did exactly what they said, on time and very nice work using top quality finishes. I will use them again and recommend them to colleagues.”

Bob H.

“Performed an amazing and quality job as always; I’ve used Serg for more than 4 years. Always had the best service/prices.” 

Roman Mitin

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